"One should celebrate the festivals as they fall"

The "Gasthaus zum ERDINGER Weissbräu" offers you the perfect and stylish rooms for this.

Both the cozy “Braumeister Stüberl” or “Spitzweg Stüberl” and the elegant “Weissbräu Bar” are ideal for celebrations on a smaller scale. Should it be a little bigger, the “Weissbräu-Festsaal”. With its 160 seats, it presents the backdrop for the grand, celebratory appearance.

The style and design of your celebration leaves nothing to be desired: from cozy and rustic to sophisticated and elegant. With the appropriate culinary accompaniment, we will make your party an unforgettable experience.

Braumeister Stüberl

Spitzweg Stüberl

Weissbräu Bar

Weissbräu Festsaal